Wednesday, 11 September 2013

red sky in the morning

A series of photographs taken from my bedroom window as the sun was rising a few days ago. The sky changed from dark orange to a pale peach colour over the space of about ten minutes.

It was lovely to watch the sunrise but less lovely to realise that for the next six or seven months we will be getting up in the dark. It is so much easier to get up when it is light, already I want to snuggle back under the duvet when the alarm goes off and it is only September!


VintagePretty said...

Lovely photos! :) It is becoming that time of year, indeed. It seems that summer, whilst glorious, is too soon over and the mornings are the worst bit of winter for me. Have you tried one of the alarm clocks that wakes you up with light, mimicking dawn? Mr VP bought me one for Christmas a couple of years ago and we both benefit from it in the winter months! Ours is a Philips and wakes you up gradually, which is always nice (and with birdsong, rather than harsh alarms!)

Best wishes,

Tash from

willow said...

The clock sounds a good idea, I will look into getting one of those - I feel that waking suddenly as the alarm goes off can't be good for us, it certainly isn't a pleasant way to wake.