Monday, 9 September 2013

Iceland, waterfalls and geysirs

More photographs from Iceland. This post is particularly picture heavy because there are just so many waterfalls in Iceland and we managed to pack quite a few into five days.

These photographs are in the order I took them and show the change in weather from a cloudy misty start to glorious summer sunshine at the end of our stay.

Our guide told us that this was a particularly good year for waterfalls as the spring had been cold and wet and the rivers were running higher than usual for the summer months. All the waterfalls were spectacular.

The one below is Seljalandsfoss.

There is a path behind the waterfall

so you can look through the gushing water as you walk next to the cliff

and emerge slightly damp on the other side.

At Skogafoss, the river runs out from the interior

and disappears over an edge

falling like a curtain to the rocks below and continuing to the coast.

This is Svartifoss, the black waterfall. The photograph also shows just how green Iceland is.

Later in the week we saw the geysirs. The steaming pool below is the original Geysir which gave its name to this feature. It hasn't erupted for some time

but the reliable Stokkur erupted every five minutes or so while we were watching.

There were hot sulphury smelling pools

and tiny little bubbling ponds as the hot water made its way to the surface.

The final waterfall is Gullfoss,

the power and noise of the water here is incredible.

We were so lucky to be able to explore the area around this waterfall on such a beautiful warm summer day.

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VintagePretty said...

Oh wow, how wonderful! It looks like just the kind of place you could lose yourself wandering around. Waterfalls never fail to amaze me and I think it's obvious why they were revered by former peoples. It seems strange to think that for six months of every year Iceland changes colour so completely and is such a barren and inhospitable land. An awe-inspiring place. I have loved touring it with you - and particularly liked your last photo! :)

Best wishes,

Tash from