Monday, 23 September 2013

a half-birthday

Sometime ago while blog reading I came across the idea of half birthdays. I can't remember where now, but the writer realised that she had probably more birthdays behind her than in the future so to redress the balance slightly decided to celebrate half-birthdays as well.

Today is my half-birthday and as a celebration just for me, I took myself off to London. I decided that a half birthday celebration should be different from a birthday so no cards or presents and not necessarily any family gathering just doing something completely different to mark the day.

I have wanted to visit the Garden Museum and see the Dan Pearson exhibition and since no-one else in the family is interested in gardening, it seemed the perfect destination for a solo day out.

It was a dull day in London this morning, some of the street lights were still on under the trees and the sky and the river were the same murky grey as I walked to the museum.

This is the outside of the museum and this border was designed by Dan Pearson. The border was planted up early this year for the exhibition and was very typical of his work. I liked the white Japanese anemones, perhaps I will plant one next year.

The museum itself is small and it would not take long to see the permanent exhibition but if there is an interesting temporary exhibition on as well then it is well worth a visit.

Outside the museum is a small knot garden. In the middle of the photograph you can see tables and chairs - there is a vegetarian cafe.

I treated myself to lunch - beetroot, fennel and celeriac gratin with salad. Sitting in the garden, it seemed very removed from central London although there was the constant sound of traffic.

Walking back along the Thames towards the station, I spotted this sign.

I don't think I did anything stupid but I did buy a coffee and sat by the river watching the world go by. There were boat trips on the river but it is also a working river and there was a heavy load being transported by this boat.

It was lovely for a change to be able to wander at my own pace, looking at the flaking bark on the London Plane trees

and thinking about the similarity with the worn London paving stones.

Then it was back past the London Eye and on to the station.

People were enjoying the mild weather but there were signs of autumn too.

So that was my first half-birthday celebration. It wasn't long, just a few hours and I was home to cook dinner but it was an opportunity to do something I wanted to do which wouldn't have interested others in the family and I really enjoyed my day. I am looking forward to more half-birthdays in the future.


Elizabeth said...

What a seriously wonderful outing and celebration :) Happy half birthday (belated!). Sometimes its really just great to get away for a day away with one's own thoughts. PS loved the sneak peak of your cute shoes in the one picture also :)

Moonroot said...

What a great idea - I think I may do this in future. And it sounds like you had a lovely day out - we must have similar tastes, you chose to do all the sorts of things I would have chosen! Happy half-birthday.