Tuesday, 7 April 2015

another day, another walk

Photographs taken a few days ago after a rain storm. The temperature has risen and the combination of warmth and water is bringing forward all the spring shoots and flowers. I am always glad to see the hawthorn leaves appearing each year (last photo), always around my birthday and always the first to turn the hedges from brown to green.


Elizabeth said...

So so beautiful Willow! Always neat to view the beauty of your area and eye.

VintagePretty said...

Another lovely walk and photos! It does show just how much further along you are compared to us (about 2 weeks I'd say). We've not had much in the way of April showers this months so far, but we did have some splendid ones at the end of March. I love the smell after the rains have finished - heavenly!

willow said...

I once read somewhere that spring travels from south to North through the UK at the same speed as could be walked.
To walk from me to you, tash, would mean walking over 20 miles a day to reach you in two weeks so I suppose one could walk at the speed of spring. It's certainly a nice idea.