Thursday, 16 April 2015

summer sewing

After last years attempt at sewing when I made mistakes with pattern sizing, my sewing machine has been quiet for a while. Then recently I finished these two items. The dress is Liesl and Co cinema dress.
This time I was very careful to read the pattern measurements when deciding what size to make rather than going by the dress size. I ended up making a size 2 (which I still find odd since I am a UK10) and it fits! I am pleased with it and now have a bit more confidence to start sewing again.

Having finished the dress, I found I had plenty of material left over so made the little blouse on the left from a Butterick pattern that I must have had for 30 years! I bought it when I first started work and made several tops in different versions from it. It is a very simple pattern and the only pattern I still have from the time when I used to make most of my clothes. The pattern is Butterick 3696, seeing it on the internet under "vintage patterns " is making me feel my age today!


VintagePretty said...

Willow - I love that dress and blouse! It's gorgeously retro and I can imagine it will be just right when the weather gets warmer again. I must admit, the only confidence I have with a sewing machine is the odd very simple skirt and patchwork quilts - I'm not the most patient person I'm afraid!

I eagerly await your next endeavours!

P.s. did you watch the British Sewing Bee?

willow said...

I loved the sewing bee, I've watched it every year. It wouldn't suit me though, I would hate to feel that rushed, sewing to a deadline. For me part of the attraction of making something is enjoying the process - of course, being a bit of a perfectionist means that things often take far too long!