Friday, 20 April 2007

busy, busy, busy...slow.

Busy, busy, busy. Isn't amazing how you can slow down for the holidays and then within a week of starting the new school term the old routines become so automatic once again that you almost forget the holiday.

In an effort to keep a little more of a relaxed lifestyle I have been doing some yoga outside of my weekly lesson. I go to a yoga class in our village hall once a week and after each lesson feel calm and relaxed and I fully intend to practice at home. However up until now this just hasn't happened, there always seems to be something I should be doing which my mind considers to be more important. During the last couple of weeks I've managed a couple of half hour yoga sessions at home usually when the rest of the family is watching TV. It is supposed to take three weeks to form a habit and already I find I am looking forward to relaxing on my own so I'm hoping that this will just become part of my routine.

I've also been reading about meditation which has always seemed a bit of a mystery to me. I read that a good way to start a meditation practice is to sit anywhere quietly for just five minutes and concentrate on breathing slowly and evenly. I decided that a place that I am always sitting for at least five minutes is in the car in the station car park waiting to collect my son from the train each school day. The car park is quiet in the late afternoon so when I arrive instead of listening to the radio, reading a book and knitting (usually all at once) I have been sitting quietly counting my breath. I've found that after about five minutes when I stop, I no longer want to read or listen to the radio, I just knit quietly letting my thoughts wander so I think it must be having a quietening effect on my mind. I hope this will become a habit too.

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