Sunday, 8 April 2007

A Spring Walk

I heard on the news that during the Easter weekend which is the busiest UK travel weekend, 2.5 million people will be flying abroad. Out of a population of 60 million that just seems a huge number - just imagine the number of flights, the number of aircraft that must exist to carry all those people over the space of just a few days. Anyway we stayed at home ( we haven't even used the car for the past two days) and have enjoyed very warm sunny spring weather.

This morning we walked on local footpaths to the nearby village of Silchester which was an important Roman Settlement. Most of the roman town walls and the amphitheatre are still standing. The modern day village stands outside the old walls but the village church is within them.

The amphitheatre - built approx 50-75 AD.

Roman town walls

Also a couple of "non-roman" photos from our walk.

A very cute alpaca

Some larch cones just because I like their colour!

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