Thursday, 12 April 2007

Thinking Slowly

Trying to live more slowly is proving difficult for me as not rushing means doing less and then getting stressed over things left undone - not the calm situation I was hoping for.

I've been reading a bit about yoga, meditation, mindfulness and think I perhaps need to change my mental attitude to rushing. I am an enthusiastic list maker and those lists that don't get written down are always whirring around inside my head and stopping me concentrating on what I'm actually doing. So while I will still try to physically slow down a little, I am now trying to give a bit more attention to what I'm actually doing in any given moment instead of mentally organising the future.

Today I had to drive my husband into town for a business meeting at 7:30am. Our youngest son came with me and we took a short detour to a local nature reserve on the way back.

This lake is really near the motorway and there was a constant roar of traffic but in the midst of that it was still very peaceful. So this is what I'm aiming for, moments of calm within the rushing and busy-ness.

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Anonymous said...

I could have written this post myself, it's just where I'm at. I'll be reading with interest to see how this develops for you and if you can offer any strategies for me to use.