Sunday, 15 April 2007

In the garden

We are in the middle of a heatwave here, 24C today, and we've spent most of the weekend in the garden. I am always like this when the first really warm weather starts, breakfast, lunch and dinner all eaten outside.

I spent time at my allotment yesterday and planted my potatoes. I only plant a few potatoes as I am always short of space. My allotment is actually a half plot and measures 5 pole. I've never really been sure how big a pole is but a fellow allotment holder told me yesterday that one pole is 32.5 square yards so I suppose that means I have around 160 square yards. As each plot is surrounded by a grass path and I have paths within mine to create 4ft beds the area left for planting is quite a bit less than that. Still two rows of potatoes, Estima and Isle of Jura.

Back at home I have some early potatoes planted on pots.

I haven't tried this before but it looks as if it could be successful. Three tubers per pot planted about a month ago. I've had to cover them a few times to protect them from frost but they survived that and are growing well.

Lots of other gardening jobs got completed, pruning the early flowering shrubs, taking cuttings from some of the overwintered geraniums and of course lots of weeding. After all that I felt quite justified in spending a couple of hours sat on a rug under the apple tree reading, knitting and drinking tea. A good weekend.

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