Saturday, 14 June 2008

A day in my life

This is the third month that I've joined in with Jenny's project, recording the days activities on the 14th of each month. Jenny has listed those taking part this month here.

This month the 14th falls on a Saturday which is probably the day of the week that has the least routine. Today, unusually for us, we were shopping.

First though, as it was a fine and sunny morning, there was walk round the village to buy bread and a newspaper before we went into town.

We had several things to do in town. The first was to take eldest sons bike for a general service and to get the gears repaired. As we couldn't all fit in the car with the bike as well, my youngest son used his season ticket and went in by train and we all met up in town.

The second task was to buy eldest sons 18th birthday present. He had chosen a camera and after many many hours of internet research he was quite sure which one he wanted and where to get the best price, so that was a quite straight forward purchase. His birthday isn't for another couple of weeks so it has now been hidden away.

After some clothes shopping for we had coffee in the park.

The flower beds were planted with brightly coloured bedding plants. I don't really like this type of planting, preferring something more natural looking but somehow these blocks of colour seem to fit quite well into town parks.

Since 1831 there must have been thousands of people who have rested in the sunshine and enjoyed the flowers.

Back home for lunch. The afternoon was still fine so I worked in the garden and then the allotment. I made some bread dough to make pizza for dinner so I worked in the garden while I started it off and then drove to the allotment to garden while the dough was proving.

There was weeding and watering to be done but at this time of the year there is harvesting as well so I have something to show for my efforts. I picked lettuce, broad beans and some pinks.

I chatted to my neighbours. I watered their plot while they were on holiday last week and as a thank you they gave me some garlic.

I used some of the garlic in the tomato sauce for the pizza topping. No pictures of the pizzas, we ate them before I got the chance.

After dinner I spent an hour on the phone to my parents while the rest of the family watched Dr Who. I've never liked Dr Who, I still remember being scared of the daleks!

That brings me up to the present and I am typing this. I have ironing to do when I have finished but I will make sure that I read some of the other "day in my life" posts first.


Vera said...

thanks for sharing your day.

Heather L. said...

I love your "day in the life" posts so much! And each month I think that I want to do one too (and somehow I haven't managed it yet!).

the flour loft said...

A lovely family day.
what a great garlic gift!... we seem to have pizza Saturday's regularly in our house.
wow...18 ... my eldest has just turned 10, where does the time go? Hope he enjoys his celebrations.
g x