Thursday, 5 June 2008


Everything has all dried up now but earlier in the week we had a lot of rain. The fields at the bottom of the village were flooded,

our garden got very wet,

and so did this chicken!


BurdockBoy said...

Is that a low area that normally gets flooded?

We had some high water this year from all of our snow melt, but luckily not too much.

Heather L. said...

Wow, we've had a LOT of water here too. The storms have been terrible. That chicken picture is just hilarious!!!

willow said...

The area of the village that got flooded is where a brook flows at the bottom of the hill and so is prone to flooding but in the last few years it has happened more frequently. It may partly be due to changes in the weather but I think the fact that more houses have been built in the village also affects it. Houses built near the top of the hill can only increase the water run off.

libby said...

That's a lot of water. I've had wet chooks all week here in Australia too. They were mighty glad to see the sun today.


Moonroot said...

Wow, for once Wales is quite dry compared to the rest of the country! I'm sure I'll regret saying that later... talk about tempting fate!

Robbie said...

We have just had some unseasonable rain here in sunny Queensland Australia which caused local flooding on the Sunshine Coast where I live. We are actually in the hinterland and I work down on the coast. Was unable to get to work on Monday due to water across one of our major roads. I have just read about your yoghurt making - you may be interested to go here: as Rhonda Jean has just done a yoghurt tutorial - she also makes quark (which I do too). I put my yoghurt on our hot water system (in a bowl not a thermos). Your chickens would love the whey from the yoghurt making..

Anonymous said...

seeing flood water fills me with empathy as we are only just finally getting straight after our flood 2 years ago. some of our neighbours have had on going problems and a mismanaged drying out process which had meant they are still living away from their homes. we live close to the flood plain so it is something that we will have to work around... hence raising the floor in our outbuilding. i hope your chicken dried out well and your garden too... we have glorious sunshine today.. i expect you have too. we have been planting out some veg and will be on the look out for slugs after dark!
hope you are having a peaceful day. i am looking forward to your 'next day in the life'.
best wishes
ginny x