Monday, 23 June 2008

More wild orchids

Back in May I posted about finding some Green Winged Orchids. I knew where they were growing and made a special trip to find them. This weekend we were out for a walk and I wasn't thinking about orchids at all and we stumbled upon loads of them.

I wandered around taking photographs and spotted four different varieties. This blog seems to be turning into a wild flower blog but these were just too beautiful not to share the photos. I'm not very confidant with orchid identification but with the help of my trusty flower book " The Concise British Flora in Colour " by W Keble Martin ( I have owned this book since I was six) and looking at photographs on The Hardy Orchid Society website I hope I have got the names right.

This one is the Burnt Tip Orchid.

The Common Spotted Orchid

The Fragrant Orchid

Lastly, the Pyramidal Orchid

They are such beautiful wild flowers, a definite bonus on our Sunday afternoon walk.

I hope these names are correct, if I have made a mistake please leave a comment.


Heather L. said...

What beautiful orchids! Isn't it fun to discover beauty! We were just out checking our woods for progress on the black rasberries. Yum!

Moonroot said...

How beautiful - what a lovely sight to stumble on by chance.