Saturday, 28 February 2009

Bringing spring inside

The bright yellow flowers of Forsythia will soon be seen in many gardens.  It seems to be a very popular shrub, perhaps its because it is in bloom when people start visiting garden centres at the start of spring - instant colour!  It also roots very easily, I have three plants all originally from a piece from a neighbour's garden.

At the moment the bushes are still bare, these flowers are on some twigs I cut about two weeks ago and brought into the warmth of the house.  I like watching the flowers open and seeing the fresh green leaves.

My mother always brought bits and pieces in from the garden in spring and now I do as well, cheaper than buying flowers and more interesting to look at.

I also pick a few daffodils so that when they are still in tight bud outside,

I have just a few in flower in the house.

Lets hope that the mild weather continues for a while and we will soon have spring flowers in the garden as well.

Have a good weekend.


sweetmyrtle said...

Hi Willow,
beautiful spring time yellows!
hoping to get a wee bit of time in the garden today... i hope it is as warm as yesterday when my washing dried on the line... a first this year.
have a lovely weekend.
Ginny x

nadia said...

hello there, they really are pretty flowers. and you're right, garden flowers are much prettier and more interesting and characteristic than florist flowers. garden flowers win quite easily each time!

Simply Authentic said...

I just noticed some daffodils today as I was walking downtown. It's so nice to notice those first bits of color popping up in an otherwise gray landscape!

Heather L. said...

Wow -- look how big your daffodils are! And ours haven't even started to peek out from the earth yet. Forsythia is so pretty. I think I should get a bush for our garden -- maybe I could get a cutting from someone. No buds at all on anything yet. This week we are to get temps in the low 60's so maybe that will start some things going.