Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A quiet week

The snowdrops in the woods near here have been lovely this year.  Perhaps its because spring is late and they are almost the only flowers in bloom at that we appreciate them more.

The bulbs in the garden are also late.  My "February Gold" daffodils will not be showing any yellow this year until March.

I am having a very quiet week.  My husband is in the States again, younger son is back at school after half-term, work experience and snow days and my elder son is working evening shifts all week.  During waking hours there are only ever two of us home at the same time.

Its a good time to be at home, finishing off a few jobs round the house and finding time to plan the allotment crops and start some planting. 

I took these photos at the weekend, playing around with the reflections of the sky in the lake.


Candyce said...

The snowdrops are just lovely!

Heather L. said...

I would love to see the snowdrops in person! It will be awhile here yet. Today is nice and warm (50) so I think we'll go for a walk.

Heather L. said...

Hi Willow, I was just asking my sister if she thought everyone reading my blog would think we are crazy, and if anyone else really does this! I'm glad to get your comment. :) The first sweater I did took a very long time because the seams just wouldn't rip out. very tedious. My sister convinced me that it could be easier and the chunky pink did come out so much easier.

Yes, your prices are probably higher. We have a charity shop chain called Goodwill and their prices are standard for everything $3.99 normally for a sweater. (Jeans are a whopping $5.99) We wait until they have their once-several-month 50% off sale and get the sweaters for $1.99. I can't wait for the March sale -- it's so hard to keep from going earlier. :)