Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow days

A few photos from our snow days.  Yes, we have had two days of school closure here.  Yesterday we had around four inches of snow, not a large amount but enough to cause disruption to travel so all four of us were at home.

We walked in the woods near our house.  Everything was very quiet, even the birds seemed to have disappeared.

Our chickens didn't seem to like the snow.  The door from their run to the garden was open but they chose to remain inside all day.

Today, the weather is very changeable, sunshine, light snow, heavy snow flurries, hail stones but the temperature is just above zero and I think life will be returning to normal tomorrow.

Over the last two days we have been able to stay at home and avoid all the travel problems. It has been a pleasant quiet break from our usual routine.

There is definitely something very peaceful about a snowy scene.


Heather L. said...

your snow photos are just beautiful! I love the peacefulness of a snowy scene in the woods. The yellowish trees are really impressive.

We've actually had a morning of steady snowfall here, so that will add to what we had last week, although much of that had already melted. Seeing as it was 12 1/2 inches, we still have quite a bit on the ground.

libby said...

Beautiful photos. I was thinking of you when I heard it was snowing in the UK.


BurdockBoy said...

Cool photos. Your landscape is looking more like North Idaho. Have fun and stay warm.