Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Wild weather

The snow has all but disappeared and all we have left in the garden are the rather sad looking remains of our snowman.

It rained heavily at the beginning of the week and this together with the snow melting means that there is a lot of flooding.  The poor chickens, they didn't like the snow last week and now this week they find their home is in the middle of a puddle.

Many roads were impassable yesterday which meant a lot of driving trying to find alternative routes to get my younger son to his work experience placement and my older son to work.  The water levels fell last night and most of the roads are clear now although the rivers are still high.

I took this photograph of the River Thames this morning, I didn't think I'd sit on the bench today!


Simply Authentic said...

Wow! The poor chickens probably are in shock and that hardly even looks like a river with how expansive it is. Glad you were able to find alternative routes to get everyone where they needed to be. They are very fortunate that you are able to do that for them! Hope you are having a good week and that the weather tames down a bit!

Moonroot said...

Wow! For once it is drier here!! The weather certainly has been extraordinary of late.

BurdockBoy said...

What a difference a few days make.