Friday, 6 February 2009

Snow week

Compared with the amount of snow regularly falling in parts of the world, our area seems to have really struggled to cope with the snow.  After our two snow days on Monday and Tuesday, we were back to normal on Wednesday. Then on Thursday we woke up to more snow and we were all at home again.  This morning I have been checking the websites for school closures and listening to the travel news and it is to be another day at home.  Our council is one of the ones running low on salt and grit for the roads so I'm pleased not to have to venture out in my little car.

We have been enjoying some local walks though.  The roads are icy and slippery but walking through the woods is fine although very wet and soggy. The pond in the picture below has water lilies in the summer but now it is frozen with the little islands all surrounded by ice.  Its a pity the ice is so thin, it would have been fun to walk out and explore.

I've been using the snow days to  have a good tidy.  I have more time in my day when I am not giving lifts to the boys to school, work and sports training. It is surprising how much time these  journeys take up.  

It is raining now as I write so the snow will probably soon be gone (but then I said that on Tuesday!) so I'll make the most of today.

The chickens really don't like the snow and have been looking quite miserable, if its possible for a chicken to have a sad face.  I wondered if they were missing eating grass so I rolled a snowball round the lawn to clear a patch and they followed behind me clucking excitedly. Grass must taste better than the cabbage leaves I've been giving them instead. 

Hope everyone is keeping safe in the wintry weather.


Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

I don't know if it's necessarily so much that grass tastes better than cabbage, but the thing I always noticed with my hens was that they didn't like the cold of the snow on their feet!

willow said...

Yes, I've noticed that they really don't like to stand in the snow at all. They have spent most of the last few days on tiny patches of ground without snow, right up close to the patio windows or under bushes where there is some bare earth.

Simply Authentic said...

The chickens do look quite happy to have the snow removed! Is it normal for you to have such funny weather like this? Sounds like you've had an interesting winter so far too. The pictures from earlier with the new colors poking out are gorgeous, but nature reveals her beauty in so many ways. And obviously, most recently, she's been playing cat and mouse with spring! :-) Hope you've been well!

willow said...

No, this isn't really "normal" weather for us. We normally have a flurry of snow lasting just one or two days just a couple of times each year. We are told this is the worst snow for 18 years so it may be a while before we see so much again.

Heather L. said...

Lovely snow pictures! We've been following the UK's snowfall with interest.