Sunday, 29 March 2009

Earth hour and summer time

Another year, another Earth Hour, time seems to be flying past at the moment.  Oldest son was out and my husband wanted to watch television so it was just me and younger son who turned the lights out.  We retreated to a bedroom and each wrapped in a blanket, we ate chocolate by the light of my solar lamp and chatted.  Time with my teenagers seems so precious when I realise that within two years they might both be living away from home and it was a lovely quiet hour to chat without any of the usual electronic distractions.

With British Summer Time starting today it seemed extremely early when the alarm clock went off and I got up to take eldest son to work for an early shift - not as early as it felt for him though after his late night out!

I grabbed my camera as I left because the sun was just rising and the sky was a lovely mixture of pinks and purples.  By the time, I had taken him to work the sun was higher in the sky and the colours were fading but I managed to get a couple of early morning shots.

It was very peaceful, alone in the countryside around 7 am this morning - a good start to summer time.


sweetmyrtle said...

the quietness and stillness when we sat by candlelight last night was beautiful. we all snuggled on the sofa and i read the girls stories.
time is precious with our 'babes'.
i want to say happy british summertime to you... but it still only seems like Spring has just started so i'll say Happy Spring instead. x

nadia said...

have a good sunday, from those photos it looks like you had a perfect start to the day.
nadia :)

BurdockBoy said...

I just need spring to start here. Glad you were able to partake in Earth Hour. Better than the morons I recently posted about.

Simply Authentic said...

Wow, beautiful! I'm glad you were able to enjoy Earth Hour together. Those moments with your sons are precious. I was at home with my parents and we turned off all the electricity and worked by candle light. The hubby did too in Louisiana, participating during our time in the PNW rather than when it was the time for him. It's great to see people the world over joining together for this event!