Sunday, 22 March 2009


Its officially Spring now and we've been having glorious spring weather. With days of sunshine and warm temperatures all the plants seem to be racing to bloom and grow.

We spent a day in London yesterday.  Younger son was looking round a University Fair but we all went, taking advantage of the cheap group-save rail fares, four for the price of two!

At mid-day we ate our packed lunch in the sunshine, sitting on the steps of the Albert Memorial and watching the world go by.

Although I'm definitely a country person, I do enjoy visiting London occasionally. Yesterday in particular the whole place seemed to be full of energy, people cycling, running, skating and power walking in the spring sunshine.  We spent a pleasant afternoon wandering through the parks.  I had forgotten how tame the squirrels are in towns, this little fellow was balancing on top of the railings watching us watching him.

Wandering through Kensington we came upon the Wholefoods Market and we wandered in to have a look.  We didn't buy anything but it all looked beautifully arranged. I particularly liked the displays of dried beans. They were packed in small transparent plastic punnets which is not the most environmentally friendly way to pack them but they did look nice stacked together in all their different colours.

The shop prices were high and I will always wonder at anyone paying £1.29 for a small pack of alfalfa sprouts when the same quantity can be sprouted in a jam jar at home for about 5p, as my father would say "more money then sense!"

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Heather L. said...

Your flowering trees are just gorgeous! And your trip to London sounds lovely! A few more weeks and maybe we'll have more to show for spring too. I'm seeing more and more green, so that is good.