Thursday, 26 March 2009

A woodland walk

I seem to be falling out of the habit of blogging recently.  Its not that I've been particularly busy, just that there always seems to be something else to be done.

I have been spending more time outdoors, enjoying the sunny weather (although we had rain today) and these are a few photos from the weekend.

I had a lovely walk through the local bluebell wood.  Too early for the bluebells yet but plenty of leaves and I did see this bud - won't be long now.

Before there are any leaves on the trees the woodland is very bright and airy, so different from the cool dim light in midsummer.

Most woodland flowers bloom around now at the start of the season making use of the light before the canopy develops and leaves them in shade.

I saw wood sorrel which has edible leaves.  They have a lemony flavour but should only be eaten in small quantities as they have high levels of oxalic acid.

The wood anemones were also in flower.

Finally I took this photo of fungi growing on a fallen branch and surrounded by fresh new bluebell leaves.  The cycle of new growth, older plant growth and decay all together - isn't nature wonderful.


Denise said...

Gorgeous photos - I can't wait to see your photos when the bluebells are in full bloom. It's a lovely time of the year isn't it?

Heather L. said...

We enjoyed a walk in the woods this week too! I'm glad to see what the lovely white flowers we saw are called -- the wood anenomes. We found one beautiful yellow flower, almost orchid-like and so I need to get out some books on flower identification once again. It's so fun to walk in the woods and see beautiful new life.

willow said...

It is a very special time of year, so full of energy. Just think in a few years time the trees you helped plant a couple of weeks ago will be surrounded by lots of spring flowers.

Now I am intrigued by your flower description, do let me know when you have identified it. I enjoy the woods at this time of the year, it feels as if everything is waking up after the winter.