Monday, 30 March 2009

Mice or pigeons?

When I went to my allotment last week, I was pleased to see the first broad bean shoots emerging from the soil.  When I went back today all the shoots seemed to have disappeared.  There were leaves lying on the surface and beans that appeared to have been nibbled.

Some plants seem to have been uprooted and then left on the surface completely untouched - why?

Who is the culprit? I've come across differing opinions, could it be mice or pigeons? If it is pigeons, a few pea sticks covering the row might stop them but wouldn't make any difference if it was mice.

Although I've always sown broad beans directly into the soil, I'm going to grow on a few in pots on a windowsill, if they are a bit bigger when they go into the ground they might have a better chance of survival.

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BurdockBoy said...

bummer. I'm not sure what it could be.