Saturday, 2 April 2011

A very small vegetable plot

This is the patch of garden that will be my vegetable plot this year. I will move the hyacinths and forget-me-nots once I start planting! I think the area is about four square yards which is very different from my allotment plot which was over 100 square yards although that included my compost bins and all the paths between the beds.

I'm thinking about what to grow in such a small space, so far I've started dwarf french beans and swiss chard. I've decided not to sow direct since we have so many slugs ready to nibble young seedlings and more established plants will stand a better chance of survival.  The chard will be planted out in a few weeks but the beans will have to wait until the chance of a late frost has passed.

I also have some curly kale plants growing which will take up quite a lot of space but I am trying to include more dark green vegetables in my diet and want to grow some.

I've have planted strawberry plants in a strip of land alongside the garden shed. They are planted closer together than is recommended but this part of the garden was a favourite with the chickens so I'm hoping the soil is quite well manured and the plants will do well.

I'll also be growing in pots, this is salad leaves protected from the neighbouring cats who seem to like to use my pots as litter trays.

It will be interesting to see just how much produce I will be able to get from this small space this summer.

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Simply Authentic said...

It all looks great though and I'll be interested to see how it turns out. I love that you're using so much of your space to garden this year and how wonderful that chickens did prepare parts of it in their own right. ;) Impressed with all your plans and starts!