Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A visit to Hatfield House

Hatfield House is the residence of Lord and lady Salisbury and the gardens were open for the NGS charity at the end of March. We had planned to meet up with our eldest son for lunch and I managed to persuade the rest of the family that this would be a good place to spend an hour in the afternoon. I am the only gardener in the family but I think they were all impressed with the scale of the house and grounds.

We wandered through the daffodils

and I looked at the hellebores in this formal garden.

Not all parts of the garden were open but we could admire the knot garden from afar

and think about the amount of work that must go into keeping this garden immaculate.

This year there is an exhibition of Henry Moore Sculptures at Hatfield and many pieces were already in place. I thought these two looked a little chilly on a cold March day.

For me the flowers were the stars, from perfect camelias

to banks of wild primroses.

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Simply Authentic said...

What a great afternoon---one of my favorite things when I was in the UK was to wander through the estates and palaces---so much natural beauty incorporated, so much history, so many personal stories shared among those yards and walls. How lovely to have the opportunity to appreciate that so easily and freely! Thank you for sharing the day!