Thursday, 14 April 2011

Woodland - mid April

What a difference a week makes at this time of year. A week ago the bluebells were just starting to show, now there is a carpet of blue and the wood is filled with their scent.

The yellow archangel is flowering

and there is more leaf growth on the hazel trees.


pebbledash said...

Love these photos - so much has changed in a week of warm weather!

Elise said...

You live in such a beautiful area. I am a nature nut so really can appreciate your photos!

Simply Authentic said...

Beautiful! Our blue bells are in full bloom in our side bed and the tulips (my favorite) are just now opening. A beautiful combination--nice to see spring arriving throughout the northern hemisphere!

Pomona said...

Beautiful pictures - I love your purple bag, too!

Pomona x