Friday, 8 April 2011

Woodland - early April

We have had beautifully warm spring weather here this week and everything is growing. After work yesterday I wandered to the woodland, an oasis of calm after a busy day.

It was  lovely to see that the spring sunshine had brought out the first few bluebells, just a sprinkling of blue amongst the green leaves.

The woodland floor is now covered with fresh growth,

wood anemones,


and the first shoots of bracken.

Some of the trees are now starting to come into leaf but in April the sun still reaches into the woodland producing soft shadows across the path.

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Simply Authentic said...

There's nothing like spring to make one recognize just how many vibrant shades of green are truly in Mother Nature's palette (sp). So glad you're getting some spring headed in your direction. Definitely feels like we've all been having a much longer winter!