Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A day in my life

Wednesday 13th February

Today is the third of my "day in my life" posts this year and once again it is a Wednesday which is a day I am at home.
First thing this morning I drove my husband to the station for the 6:45am train and then continued on to drop my eldest son at work for 7:00am. I came home for breakfast and coffee followed by some time reading blogs on the computer and catching up with some paperwork.

The bunch of flowers on my desk was a bargain from the supermarket, a leftover from Mother's Day I think, it was wrapped in lovely pink spotted paper and was reduced from £8:00 down to £1:09. I didn't get any flowers on Mother's Day and at that price I could justify treating myself.

Next I rushed around sorting out washing and cleaning the house to make time for a brief garden visit. This was the first day the gardens at West Green House were open this season. I only discovered this garden at the end of last summer but as it is only a short drive away and National Trust members get in free I think I will try to visit a few times over this year.

It has been cold lately and there wasn't much colour but I quite liked seeing the structure of the garden without all the foliage.

It was all pruned very neatly.

Clipped box always looks good whether it is immaculate hedges or a slightly quirky chicken.

There were some early daffodils with many more to come

but the real stars today were the hellebores.

I also spotted this unusual snowdrop with a yellow spot on each petal.

Back at home there was ironing, I picked up eldest son from work, more tidying and a little bit of knitting. No photograph of the knitting because it doesn't really look much different from the last post.

Dinner was beef cheese crumble with jacket potatoes and vegetables for the carnivores and black beans and millet with vegetables for me. I cooked a large batch of millet which will form the basis of my packed lunches for the rest of the week.

In the evening, phone calls with youngest son and with my parents and a bit more knitting.

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