Sunday, 24 March 2013

spring snow

It was my birthday yesterday and I woke up to snow. As far as I remember it hasn't ever snowed on my birthday (and I have had quite a few birthdays!), this cold winter seems to be continuing well into spring. Luckily for us this was almost as much as we got, I know that people further north are suffering very heavy snow falls and lack of power.

We delayed travelling to pick up youngest son from university because it was snowing quite heavily first thing in the morning and there were lane closures due to snow on our route. By late morning road conditions had improved and we were able to make the trip so I got to have a birthday meal with all my family after all.

Today there is only a little snow left in the garden but the forecast is for low temperatures all week. British summer time starts next weekend, hopefully the weather will be a bit warmer by then.


ginny farquhar said...

Happy Birthday!!!
so glad you were able to spend it with your family in the end.
snow this late is so strange ...i must admit i am really wanting the warmth now. this time last year was so fingers are crossed that it will change soon,
wishing you a lovely birthday week

willow said...

Thank you, Ginny. I hope the weather cheers up a bit for the school holidays, I want to get into the garden but its too cold to do much out there at the moment.

Journey Authentically said...

Happy happy belated! The snow looks gorgeous :)

willow said...

Thank you, the snow is almost gone now and this morning we have sun! Heres hoping spring will arrive soon.

Heather L. said...

Happy belated Birthday Willow! Snow for your birthday! I always wished for snow on my birthday but of course it was a distinct possibility at the beginning of December. :) How funny for us to have our largest snowfall of the year 3 days after spring officially began. It is mostly all melted now and I am hoping for some real signs of spring. The only thing I see is a reddening in the hedgerow which I assume must be the sap up in the bushes. Things are weeks and weeks behind where we were last year. Hoping to see a few daffodils bloom for Easter.

willow said...

Thank you Heather.
The snow has disappeared now but the temperature is still much colder than normal for the time of year. I have a some early daffodils out in the garden and a few days ago I picked some twigs of forsythia to try and force the flowers a little by bringing them inside.