Saturday, 30 March 2013

a grey day in Oxford.

On Good Friday we went to Oxford hoping to spend a pleasant spring day wandering around the city. The weather had other ideas however, it was a very cold breezy day so we spent most of the time inside.

The first thing we did was visit the covered market where we had a warming hot chocolate at the cafe at Chocology.

From there we went to the Ashmolean museum. My favourite gallery this time was the exhibition of Chinese landscape paintings (more pictures here).

We had brought our lunch with us and under grey skies with a stiff breeze I think we ate our quickest picnic ever! It definitely wasn't the weather to linger so we made for home.

Since my few photographs of the day are dull and grey, I'm posting this plate from the Islamic gallery in the museum - the brightest flowers I saw on Friday were on this wonderful plate and in the florists stalls in the covered market.

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