Thursday, 7 March 2013

a spring garden

At last some bright spring sunshine, a perfect day for the first garden visit of the year. This is the garden at Englefield. It is my favourite garden and I have been coming here for over twenty years, it is a beautiful peaceful place.

I wandered around with my camera

 noticing the colours and

the wonderful fragrance that filled the air.

There is a little warmth in the sun now, a pleasant change after the cold grey days.

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VintagePretty said...

Oh what a glorious time to be out and about with a camera - the first proper days of spring! I miss the smell of witch hazel, as I used to always pass a bush of it on the way to work and ditto for the daphne; one of the first shrubs to flower and awash with such a strong and pleasant scent.

Hopefully, none of the snow they have forecast for this weekend will fall and the grey and rain will be replaced with blue skies and sunshine (a perpetual utterance from my lips these days!)

Have a lovely week :)