Thursday, 10 December 2015

December picnic

Yesterday was a bright, very breezy mild day. It felt like a good day to be outside so since eldest son also had a day off we packed up our lunches and headed outside. This is Ladle Hill in Hampshire, one of our favourite places to visit. At this time of year when so much time is spent inside it seems particularly appealing with its open views over the countryside.

A bank provided some shelter from the wind - this was our view.

We could see for miles in all directions,

a lovely sense of space and openness.

I tried to photographs the many Red Kites that were swirling round in the sky,

this was the best I managed, beautifully coloured birds.

All the leaves have fallen from these exposed trees, the branches and twigs outlined against the sky. The large tree below is a sycamore.

The low sunlight caught the beech trees on the hill, I like the way you can look through the mass of trees at this time of year and follow the shape of the hill.

More photographs of beech trees as we walked back to the car,

looking elegant in the winter sun.

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