Saturday, 12 December 2015

knitting, mitts and cowl

The yarn I bought on the last day of my holiday in Lofoton, Norway this summer and below the fingerless mitts I made with it. I am pleased with them and am enjoying wearing them - very practical with my fingers free for taking photographs.

The mitts took over half of the yarn. I have a box of left over yarn, many part balls of yarn from sock and glove knitting and sometimes a couple of balls when I have bought extra for a jumper or cardigan just in case. I don't have large quantities of any one yarn as I tend to buy for a specific garment and then knit it but after many years of knitting the oddments box is full to overflowing.

With this in mind and as this yarn was exceptionally soft and pretty I decided to make something with it rather than hoard it!

This cowl is the result. I based the lace pattern on the Everglade hat by Woolly Wormhead. I made an Everglade hat two years ago and am knitting another one this winter. The lace pattern works equally well on a cowl and shows of the colours of the yarn.

I used all but a few metres of the yarn so two items from one ball of wool and only a very small addition to the "stash box"!

Ravelry links to my Everglade hat, mitts, and cowl.

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