Wednesday, 2 December 2015

December sunshine

After a spell of grey windy days todays sunshine made a welcome change. It was still breezy and I managed to get three loads of washing dried outside. Also I gardened, mainly picking up leaves and enjoyed the mild temperatures.

The weather was so nice, I made time for a walk with my camera around mid-day - here are a few photographs.

 The sun, low in the sky, shining through the remaining leaves

and adding a touch of brightness to the landscape.

The oak leaves were the brightest

but even the humble moss seemed to shine in the sun.

The hedges have been trimmed now but the slanting rays of the sun slip through the normally dense growth.

With the hedges at their shortest, little views emerge that would be hidden when the hedge is in full leaf and several feet taller. A glimpse of the church across the fields.

In the bright sunshine against a blue sky, the remaining oak leaves were the star of the show

though as it is December I've included some seasonal holly.

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