Friday, 18 December 2015


Each morning as I sip my morning coffee, I check the BBC weather pages for our area. I then click on Edinburgh so that I know what the day will be like for youngest son.

I also note the sunrise and sunset times each day. For the past few days sunset here as been 15:56. Today it is 15:57. It is still three days until the shortest day and sunrise will continue be later each day until the beginning of January but I am pleased to think that each evening from now on the sun sets just a little later.

Today, here in the south - sunrise 8:05 and sunset 15:57
in Edinburgh                  - sunrise 8:39 and sunset 15:39

and right up in the north of the UK
in Lerwick, Shetland     - sunrise 9:06 and sunset  14:56

I find it interesting to compare times in different places within the UK and think about the way the day length impacts on our lives even today with electric lights. Imagine how day to day activities  were affected by day length hundreds of years ago.

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