Monday, 14 December 2015

December quiet

After the recent blustery weather it was pleasant to wake up to a still quiet day yesterday. We had to go into town in the afternoon which I knew would be very crowded, busy and noisy so to try to achieve some balance I enjoyed a slow quiet walk with my camera in the morning.

Very few remaining leaves on the branches

so the woodland appears much lighter and open as you can see through the deciduous trees.

After the overnight rain, droplets of water

clung to the vegetation.

I tried to take a close up and you can just about see a little upside down world in each droplet.

Muddy puddles at the side of the road

but splashes of colour in the woods and hedges.

Only a week to the shortest day and the two coldest months of winter still to come but already there are new shoots on the honeysuckle,

many shades of fresh green even in December.


rusty duck said...

Gorgeous pictures! I do love walking through woodland after rain. It's been so incredibly mild, I'm not looking forward to the cold if and when it comes! I was interested to read you've been to Norway too this year, isn't the scenery wonderful?

willow said...

Norway has been on my "bucket list" for so long and I hoped that it would live up to my expectations. It certainly did, the scenery was stunning. I would like to see it in the winter but I'm not sure I could cope with the cold.