Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Crisp and Cold

The snow has finally melted but it is still cold. We have had heavy, white frosts and the temperature has not been above freezing all day but with clear blue skies and bright sunshine it is perfect January weather. After all the "busy-ness" of Christmas and the holidays the clean white of January feels much calmer.

Inside the house Christmas is all packed away.  The decorations are back in a box in the loft for another year, the tree is cut into pieces to be collected, shredded and composted and the holly is in a pile on the lawn so that the birds can eat the berries before it is also collected for composting. The house looks a bit bare now that the decorations are down but soon there will be bulbs and we can look forward to spring

Every year although I enjoy the preparation for Christmas and the holidays, I am always ready to return to our normal days. Work and school have already started for husband and youngest son, and there are just few more days for me and our eldest son to enjoy the crisp frosty weather (and try to capture the cold and calm in my photographs) before we are back to our term-time routines.

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Pomona said...

Happy new year to you - I love that frosted ivy in the top picture!

Pomona x