Friday, 8 January 2010

Still cold

We are still in the grip of icy cold here, the temperature fell to -12C last night which is very cold for us. The icicles are hanging down from our guttering along the front of the house and look very pretty although they are a constant reminder of how cold it is outside.

We have had no more snow but with such low temperatures I think the snow will be around for a while. Everything is very quiet mainly because most people cannot use their cars. A couple of neighbours with 4 wheel drive cars have been able to get out but the rest of us stay home or walk.

The main road through the village would be passable but of course many people cannot get through the smaller roads to reach it. It is a fairly busy road but this is a photograph of it yesterday, very few cars and the road given over to pedestrians rather than vehicles, much nicer.

I walked down to the village shop  and it was packed with shoppers. Lots of people, unable to get to work were enjoying having time to stop and chat while they did their shopping. I hope that the small village stores which have lost out to supermarkets in recent years do well during this cold spell.  Many villages no longer have a shop and so there is nowhere to buy groceries without using a car. It is a reminder that we must support our local shops all the time if we expect them to be there for us when we don't want or can't travel far from home.


libby said...

Your photos are just amazing. I hope everyone appreciates the snow and being forced to walk and slow down as much as you do.


ginny said...

hi willow,
we are still snowed under here too... and it is lovely to see folk walking and less cars on the road.
i really agree that the small local stores come into their own and this present situation reminds us all to support them.
we have had snow forecast for sunday too... girls have been off school since wed and my eldests's school is also closed on monday...
love the photo of your road ... and i love seeing all the icicles.
x g

nadia said...

Hi there and happy new year! Your photos are indeed lovely. I totally agree with what you said about little local shops! I hope you're enjoying the snow without it causing you too many problems.


Moonroot said...

I love all your snow photos on this and previous posts. Hope you're keeping warm!

Pomona said...

It is so quiet here, too. But the nearest shops are in town two miles away. Luckily I operate on the pantry principle and don't shop weekly or in supermarkets, so we don't have to go out to shop. Even in the Landy I don't like driving out in the snow and ice, so I have just been hibernating!

Pomona x

Simply Authentic said...

Glad you are able to get out and about some! It was neat to see that more pedesterians are out enjoying the main road, but so true your statement about those villages that are lacking in a primary store. Hopefully each of those families has a decent stockpile and/or generous neighbors. Hope you are able to stay warm! We've had a cold spell this week still and I was amazed to find our outdoor pipes frozen yesterday morning--who would have thought in the deep south of the USA! Luckily they thawed and I could set them to drip last night---may be a waste of water but saves the pipes and a larger amount of water if they did burst!! I also responded to your comment on my blog---thanks for your encouragement!