Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Tidying my sewing box

Tidying my sewing box isn't something I do very often so when I do get round to it, I come across lots of things I've completely forgotten about. Like these pieces of paper. I was practising my stencilling ready to decorate our house when we moved here in the early nineties. Stencilled borders were very popular then along with sponged and rag-rolled walls.

The stencils and paints were from Laura Ashley and these two did end up our walls although they were painted over many years ago.

Then I came across this bundle of pieces of charcoal grey material, the spare patches and buttons supplied with so many pairs of school trousers. Each time I bought a new pair, the mending kit went in the sewing box and now nobody wears grey school trousers any more.

This needle case was belonged to my grandmother's sister, still full of needles all neatly labelled, more than enough for her lifetime

and more than I will ever need as well.

Unfinished projects linger in the box, like this cross stitch sampler which I have so nearly finished. I wonder why I stopped, maybe because I don't think I would display it in the house if I did finish it...I wonder why I started it?!

Then there are the little paper bags containing bits of ribbon and lace. Do they still make bags with the words "Thank you - Please call again!" printed on them?

So many memories inside the sewing box - no wonder it takes me so long to tidy it!


French Knots said...

I have my Mum's sewing box, which has many memories and old projects in it like an unfinished Clothkits doll from the '70s. So many memories.

Anonymous said...

I love when that happens. I'm the same way when it comes to sitting down and sorting through items in order to tidy things up. I find myself looking at every little thing, thinking back how they got there and when. What should take 15 minutes usually takes me an hour!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I'm not usually so sentimental, but that means that I don't have things around that remind my of family members either--I enjoyed this post a lot because of that idea of linking things with people and times. Very nostalgic.

Heather L. said...

Such fun to see what is in another's sewing box! I've always loved Laura Ashley....funny how styles change, but her stuff has changed nicely with the times.

willow said...

I seem to change from being very sentimental and liking to keep things to the other extreme and wanting to declutter. I have got rid of some items after I have taken photographs of them. The stencilled papers have gone now but I have the photograph to remind me of them and of course a digital photo on the computer takes up much less room!

Simply Authentic said...

But what a great memory trip! The sewing needles are especially lovely. Could you make a quilt that incorporated the trouser extras? I think it would make a great heirloom!