Thursday, 14 January 2010

A day in my life

Writing my "day in my life posts" on the 14th of each month makes me realise how quickly the time passes. On the 14th of December I was looking forward to my son coming home from university, getting ready for Christmas and we didn't have any snow. Now a month later, Christmas has come and gone, my son is back at University and we have had more snow than we have seen in years.

Tho photograph taken this morning, shows the path I have cleared down to the chicken coop. The hens still don't like the snow and will only walk on the cleared path.  When we had fresh snow recently they stayed inside the run looking out of the door and waiting for me to clear the snow away before they would consider venturing out.

I let them out this morning at eight o'clock before I went to work. Due to the snow this was my first day back after the Christmas break and I admit that I have got quite used to being at home. luckily I only work part time and I was back home again at 3:30pm. 

Now that the snow is beginning to thaw the roads are dreadful. It wasn't easy this morning driving up our road to get to work but this afternoon it was much worse and my wheels were spinning in the slippery melted snow and slush. I had already cleared the snow from our drive but when I got home I spent and hour or so clearing some of the compacted snow from the road as well. Our road is a cul-de-sac and so there is not much vehicle movement to clear the road. Also at this time of year it is in complete shade all day so even if we get sun, the snow and ice last for a long time. I don't suppose its made much difference but I hope I don't slip and slide so much tomorrow. As I have said before the snow is lovely for a few days but now I just want it to melt - I don't know how I'd cope if I lived somewhere where there was snow for many months in winter, but perhaps then there are systems in place to deal with it.

Just two of us for dinner tonight, me and youngest son and then this evening a skype call to eldest son for an hour. Its lovely that the three of us can talk together and its free, definitely a good use of technology.

After the call, I did some knitting and finished one sleeve of my jumper.

Last month it looked like this,

so I have made some progress even though it seems very slow to me. 

So that was my day, work, snow clearing, dinner, chat, knitting and now blogging, just an ordinary day in my life.

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