Wednesday, 6 January 2010

More snow

Yesterday I posted about how much I was enjoying settling back into our normal routines after the Christmas break and then today all four of us are snowed in at home. It looks like normal has been put on hold for a while.

Nine inches of snow on our patio which is the most we have had for many years. Very few cars moved in the village today and we can't drive out from our road at all. With temperatures of -5C forecast for tomorrow I think the snow is here to stay for a while.

I did take my camera for a walk and took some snowy shots but I posted lots of snow pictures before Christmas so here are some photos from yesterday, a very calm River Thames before the return of the white stuff.

Along the banks of the river where the branches of the trees were near the water line, these lovely icicles had formed.  They look like expensive Christmas tree ornaments, isn't nature clever?


Simply Authentic said...

Wow--more snow! We've been having a cold spell this week in Louisiana but nothing like what you all have been having there! Hope you've got plenty of soup and board games in those cupboards! But I'm sure its nice to spend a few extra days together too! :-)

ginny said...

hello willow,
i love the first photo with the ruler... we have it really deep too.
hope you are keeping warm
ginny xx