Sunday, 10 January 2010

Icicles and normal routines

I have been taking a lot of photographs of icicles, they have been particularly good this winter. The snow on our house roof is melting very slowly and drops of water are freezing on the leaves of this climber growing up the house wall. The temperature has been hovering around freezing point for a few days and the icicles slowly grow in length.

Today the temperature must have been slightly above freezing because there was a constant sound of dripping water so in a few days they will be gone.

Yesterday we managed to get the car out to take eldest son back to University. It was a bright sunny day with no immediate risk of fresh snow and we decided to go before any bad weather returned. We had to push the car in our road when we couldn't get any grip but once on the main road we could proceed cautiously and once we reached the motorway we were fine. We dropped him off with a full load of shopping in case he gets snowed in and made our way back with just the last part of the journey icy. That was enough driving excitement and we haven't moved the car today.

Tomorrow does look as if we will have to get back to normal. My husband is aiming to go into work and school is open for years 11, 12 and 13. I hope we don't get any more snow, younger son has modules during January and if we have a repeat of last weeks weather, getting him into school will be virtually impossible. Fingers crossed for some mild weather.

Although the snow has been very pretty and I've enjoyed taking photographs, it is now becoming inconvenient and I'm just waiting for it to melt. The thought of dull grey uneventful January days is quite appealing.

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Simply Authentic said...

I definitely hope you get a reprieve from the chilly snowy weather! While beautiful, it makes those outside-the-home routines difficult. Glad you were able to get the eldest back to university though...I'm sure the extra time with him has been relished. :) Have a great day today!